4 Steps To Becoming A Commercial Pilot

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4 Steps To Becoming A Commercial Pilot

Becoming a commercial pilot is a great career choice that can offer you a lifetime full of adventure. You can travel to unique locations while earning a great living. According to Phoenix East Aviation, the average commercial pilot makes a salary of $121,408 annually. Here are four steps you should take if you're interested in becoming a commercial pilot.

1. Take a discovery flight

A discovery flight, sometimes known as an introductory flight, is the first chance you'll have to get into the cockpit. It's a short flight in a small plane where an experienced pilot will take you into the air and let you take over the controls for a little while. This is an important step in your pilot journey since it will help you to figure out if you enjoy flying a plane before you commit to further schooling.

2. Do your research

The next step is to pick out a flight school. The school you pick will depend on your location and your goals. Some schools offer full-time classes, or you may want to take part-time classes if you plan to continue working at another job while you train. Do a lot of research and make sure you pick a school that you're comfortable with. If you plan to attend a school out of state, schedule an in-person visit if possible, in order to get a feel for the campus. Find out if there are any available scholarships to help alleviate costs, too.

3. Attend flight training school

Most flight training schools offer two-year programs. This is enough time to earn the 250 hours of flight time necessary to become a commercial pilot. In flight training school, you'll also learn a wide variety of useful knowledge. You'll learn how to navigate by sight and navigational equipment. You'll also learn basic medical training, which could save someone's life if there's ever a medical emergency during a flight.

4. Become certified

Before you can get a job as a commercial pilot, you'll need to pass the Federal Aviation Administration's test to become certified. This test has both practical and written portions. You'll be tested on your knowledge of safety and procedures, then asked to demonstrate your flying ability.

If you're passionate about flight and you're looking for an exciting new career, becoming a commercial airline pilot should be your next step. These steps will get you started on the path to earning your pilot's license.

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